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Defamation Sydney

Defamation Sydney knows that when someone publishes or broadcasts something about you that is false or can be easily misconstrued, your reputation is at risk and that can have a flow on effect in to your personal life as well as your career. Defamation Sydney understands the importance of your reputation and has spent years defending the reputations of ordinary Australian; because contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be famous to be defamed.

Defamation Sydney respects the information dissemination role that media and internet plays in society, however when the information they publish or broadcast is incorrect, they must be held accountable; particularly if it harms another person’s reputation. Defamation Sydney has the skills, knowledge and experience to produce the best outcome possible for your circumstances.

Do you own your business? Have you considered how you might handle a defamation claim against you? Defamation Sydney deal with client’s every day who have inadvertently defamed another person or company and we do not want this to be you. Let Defamation Sydney help you risk assess your company and any potential it may have for defaming another person or company.

Defamation Sydney has dedicated many years to protecting the reputations of ordinary Australians because we understand that you do not need to be famous to be defamed. Contact us now to take advantage of your free, no obligation initial consultation.

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