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Defamation Sydney

Defamation Sydney has a wealth of experience in protecting the reputations of Australians. Our clients approach us when they need legal advice because something about them has been published or broadcaster that is either false or could be easily misconstrued as false. Defamation Sydney can help you today.

Defamation Sydney understands the importance of your reputation. We know that your reputation affects more than just your ego. Defamation Sydney has the proven track record to assist your case whether it is related to you personally or your company. Some of the strategies Defamation Sydney may use to rebuild your reputation include, but is not limited to; issuing cease and desist letters and requesting apologies, retractions or a review of the content, as well as compensation.

Defamation Sydney regularly works with individual and corporate clients who inadvertently find they are defending a defamation case. Did you know that Defamation Sydney can also provide its corporate clients with advice about potential defamation risks so this won’t happen to you? Defamation Sydney can review written and audio material before it is published or broadcast and consult with your executive team about policy changes to minimise risk.

Defamation Sydney has dedicated many years to protecting the reputations of ordinary Australians because we understand that you do not need to be famous to be defamed. Contact us now to take advantage of your free, no obligation initial consultation.

Let Defamation Sydney’s experience guide you through your defamation inquiries today.